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MS IE1/IE2/IE3 Efficiency Electric Motor
Product details

MS IE1/IE2/IE3 Efficiency Electric Motor

Product Introduction

This series three phase asynchronous motors with Alu-housing is made of selected quality materials and design.It is confirm to the IEC standard .It hase good performance,low noise,little vibration,safety and reliable operation,nice appearance,light weight,simple construction and maintained very conveniently .



Frame Size:H80-160MM

Rated Power:0.75kW-18.5kW

Voltage and frequency:230/400V 220/380V/50HZ/60HZ(According to customer requirements

Degree if protection:IP55

Degree of insulation/Temperature:F/B

Installation Method:B3、B5、B35、B14、B34

Ambient temperature:-15℃<0<40℃

Cooling Method:IC411