Company profile
Sino group is formed by three companies in 2002 of the joint-stock enterprises, the global assets amounting to billions of dollars, involved in motor, manufacture of non-ferrous metals and iron alloy, trade and investment, enjoy a good reputation in the industry. The group business is all over the world, mainly in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. Guangzhou City Chi Yuan automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in complete sets of equipment, automation system integration and driving solutions under the group.

The group has been strictly enforce the ISO9001 quality management system TUV certification, the supply chain management system of Applied Science, synchronization of the value-added products and services, with the European ATEX certified explosion-proof rare products with the best market access conditions, provide OEM and has been for many high-end customers, ODM services and local dealers together to expand the market. Some of our products are China industry standards, and many international credit rating agencies as the most advanced; theory has invited the world's top thirty enterprises participating in the world economy, was invited to attend the Boao forum for Asia; through continuous efforts, we have won hundreds of awards and in the government sector, industry and business as a number the corresponding position.

Sino group services are due to high quality resources, manufacturers, long-term cooperation each corresponding industry leading enterprises, the product qualified rate is higher than the domestic counterparts in 50%; because of its outstanding performance and excellent quality, some products used in military industry, and from the beginning in 1972 1997 began to export, export to Germany, for the first China export enterprises. For half a century, Wonga's products to nearly 100 countries, nearly a thousand customers long-term use; quality, pleasure is the comprehensive evaluation of our customers.

Robust, pragmatic, efficient and civilized, is our business philosophy, Wangjia group has been committed to the construction of a respected world-class industry leading enterprises as the goal, to follow the practice Chinese judicial system and international trade credit management, and the promotion and dissemination of Chinese outstanding cultural and promoting world economic and cultural exchanges for the diversification of responsibility, unremittingly seek the solution is more for the development of global economy.